William Allen  
Quaker Friend of Lindfield  1770-1843
Publication by: MARGARET NICOLLE  
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Why William Allen ?  
MARGARET NICOLLE is a history graduate of King’s College, London.  She is currently Chairman of Lindfield Parish Council. She has lived in Lindfield for over thirty years.

‘The original intention was to write one page of information for the benefit of visitors to Lindfield.  I discovered that existing books were somewhat dated in style and content and that a new appreciation of the man and his work was needed.  Interesting research, especially of Allen’s diaries, led to the publication of this new book.’


As Chairman of Lindfield Parish Council, Margaret Nicolle presented a clock to Lindfield Primary School, to celebrate the opening of the new school in 2000 and 175 years of education in the village.



William Allen - Quaker Friend of Lindfield